After Termination Of Pregnancy 

    If you made a decision to have an abortion but you are now struggling with conflicting emotions and don't know how to cope with them. We are here for you.  

    It may be that you struggled straight after the event or that after many years something has triggered regret or loss or a variety of emotions within you. 

    At Jakin, as part of our free confidential service, we have counsellors and support workers who are trained in counselling those who have suffered pregnancy loss after an abortion. They can give you the time and the space 

    • to talk about your experience, however recent or long ago 
    • help you explore all the emotions you are feeling 
    • help you make sense of them 
    • journey with you through your pain 
    • and support you, however long it takes 
    You can download our sheet Counselling Support after an Abortion

    Due to government guidelines we cannot have face to face sessions at our centres but we can offer telephone counselling. 
    If you want to know more or 
    you would like to make an appointment for our free confidential counselling service please text or call Jakin on 
    07599 397 938 

    or email 

    "The fact that everything will be all right, does not necessarily make anything all right now. 
    Anyone can tell you it won't hurt tomorrow. I'm here to listen while it hurts today."