Pregnancy Choices Counselling when your pregnancy is unplanned 

    Jakin gives support BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your choice 

    Due to government guidelines we cannot have face to face sessions at our centres but we can offer telephone counselling. Please text or give us a call on 07599 397938 
    When you come to one of our centres because you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or a difficult pregnancy (perhaps because of your health or pregnancy complications) you can chat to a trained counsellor or support worker who will listen to what you are struggling with, what being pregnant means to you at this time and how you are feeling about it all. She will give you all the time and space you need to work through your concerns and help you explore all three options available to you - Parenting, Adoption, Abortion. You will have the opportunity to 
    • share your thoughts and feelings about each option 
    • learn what each option involves 
    • discover the support that is available 
    Our hope is that having explored all these things you will be able to make your own informed decision about which option you feel is right for you, and will know where to get the support you need for your chosen option.  All our counsellors are trained in Person Centred Counselling. We will never try to steer you towards or away from your choice, but will support you as you make up your own mind.  Whatever you decide to do, we hope you will feel able to return to us at any time to talk over things or for more in-depth counselling if wanted. 

    If you want to talk, ask questions or make an appointment for our free confidential counselling service call or text Jakin on 07599 397 938

    Select this link to download our leaflets from Jakin's site about our service and about pregnancy choices. 

    *Please remember that only Doctors and Health/Medical Centres can refer women for medical or surgical procedures. As a counselling service, we cannot refer you for an abortion, but we can offer emotional support and information - including the contact details of a medical centre near you (if you do not want to go to your own doctor).