Jakin client comments received (offline) after using our service 

"I would just like to say my overall experience of counselling has been amazing. I have learnt so much and got back much more. The idea of me having counselling was just something that didn't suit me - as sitting down and talking is not me at all. But now I've learnt I can do it and it's not weak, it's more stronger. Thank you for all the support. It's been a good journey." 

"It almost seems glib to say thank you since what you have done for me is so much more than words can ever describe.  I've shared my deepest darkest thoughts and my biggest fears and yet you still greet me like a long lost friend.  You've placed value on my tears when all I could do is cry and you constantly remind me to be kind to myself." 

"Losing babies is a sad, lonely and desperate time, thank you for walking it with me when no one else seemed to understand." 

"Thank you for always being there when I need someone to talk to and for your continuing care and support."

"Just to say a massive thank you.  You have helped me through a really tough time.  It means so much to have had your support."

"Thank you for everything - you have literally saved my life.  Now I can love my babies in peace." 

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